“For 16 months, Henrike has worked with me as a Project Management Officer (PMO) for three projects, Flirt Fast Forward (pre-transportation), VIRMm1 (launch of transportation) and Program Implementation Rolling Equipment.  Three programs, two of them technical/operational and one organisational.

Sha started working in the first project at a time that this project was already at full speed and she was able to get quickly acquainted with complex railway and train matters, the broad team and the many stakeholders involved.

We have enjoyed and appreciated her professionalism, diligence, curiosity, care and connecting quality.

She has assisted to structure and optimise processes, has taken care of overviews and reporting and was a stable factor in the teams that she worked with. She is independent and takes responsibility, also on themes that surpass the regular PMO responsibilities. She is sensitive to people and processes which results in adequate actions or timely alignment.

Personally, Henrike has facilitated me in the structuring and organisation of my project administration and with my own activities for the three projects. She has given me solicited or unsolicited advice which resulted in efficient use of my time for all projects and took care of a balanced budget.

I can certainly recommend Henrike for any PMO or PA job!”

Luuk Kessels, Project- and Implementation Manager at NS Techniek (Dutch Railways)

“Henrike has worked as an interim Executive Assistant for me and two other executive team members. Within a very short period she was able to oversee the work to be done.

She showed a high level of professionalism that facilitated me in my day to day work and travel. She was very pro-active and flexible and took pride in taking care of things e.g. when I was not in the office and then reported thoroughly afterwards.

Henrike takes responsibility, is well structured, service minded and result oriented and it was a pleasure working with her!”

David Gebhardt, Chief Operating Officer, Ingenico ePayments


“Henrike has worked part time (next to another job) for Eumedion for management support and organisational matters for about four years. She not only took care of the member administration, but has also coordinated all meetings and organised travel. Above all she has organised all kinds of smaller and larger (international) events. Eumedion represents institutional investors’ interests in the field of corporate governance and related sustainability performance. Henrike has kept good relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders, she understood and could think along with the activities of the organisation and was therefore also a member of the PR committee.”.

Rienst Abma, Managing Director, Eumedion